Java Controlled RC Car

Children and teenagers today like to play with remote- controlled cars—watching them move, speed up, slow down, and change direction at the mere press of a button. They have been around for quite some time now, but the newer makes show considerable improvement over the older ones. The latter were controlled by radio, whereas those of today are more likely to be operated by a system that uses a computer language of some of some sort, such as Visual Basic. Many of the most recently made RC cars are controlled using Java—the computer language commonly used in creating multimedia items to be embedded in webpages. One maker, who has made many videos of his cars and posted them on YouTube, operates a website called “Let ’s Make Robots;” and he is experimenting on a number of new ideas he has. Among these are the integration of the GPS satellite subsystem (developing GPS navigation) and Google Earth Support; improving the autonomous subsystem; and researching Kalman Filter in order to build a sensor fusion.

The method that should be used, of integrating Java with a remote-controlled air-plane or and car (see article on, depends on what equipment is to be used to control the car, and how it will be used. might help, for instance, if the person is using a transmitter that is connected to a computer by means of an RS-232 serial port.But one of the most popular ways of operating an RC car is with a Bluetooth. First, a serial connector must be made to connect the adaptor to a digital convertor, and a set of double A batteries fastened to the apparatus. After the adapter has bueen oriented and the converter turned on, the adapter and the transmitter should be “handshaked” by means of a code, the default being 0000.