Java Controlled RC Car

Children and teenagers today like to play with remote- controlled cars—watching them move, speed up, slow down, and change direction at the mere press of a button. They have been around for quite some time now, but the newer makes show considerable improvement over the older ones. The latter were controlled by radio, whereas those of today are more likely to be operated by a system that uses a computer language of some of some sort, such as Visual Basic. Many of the most recently made RC cars are controlled using Java—the computer language commonly used in creating multimedia items to be embedded in webpages. One maker, who has made many videos of his cars and posted them on YouTube, operates a website called “Let ’s Make Robots;” and he is experimenting on a number of new ideas he has. Among these are the integration of the GPS satellite subsystem (developing GPS navigation) and Google Earth Support; improving the autonomous subsystem; and researching Kalman Filter in order to build a sensor fusion.

The method that should be used, of integrating Java with a remote-controlled air-plane or and car (see article on, depends on what equipment is to be used to control the car, and how it will be used. might help, for instance, if the person is using a transmitter that is connected to a computer by means of an RS-232 serial port.But one of the most popular ways of operating an RC car is with a Bluetooth. First, a serial connector must be made to connect the adaptor to a digital convertor, and a set of double A batteries fastened to the apparatus. After the adapter has bueen oriented and the converter turned on, the adapter and the transmitter should be “handshaked” by means of a code, the default being 0000.

Expert Product Management Bundle Now Available

Cupertino, CA (PRWEB) May 2, 2008

The 280 Group, a Silicon Valley Product Marketing and Product Management consulting and services firm, today announced an unique bundle of their popular book, Expert Product Management, and its companion toolkit. The bundle is available at

The ‘Expert Product Management Toolkit Bundle’ includes all of the templates, knowledge, training and information that you need to make products more successful. It includes the book Expert Product Management: Advanced techniques, tips and strategies for Product Management and Product Marketing as well as four of the 280 Group Product Management Toolkits (Product Roadmaps, Launches, Beta Programs & Product Reviews). A total of 124 examples, plans and documents are included in MS Office format (Word, Excel & Powerpoint) templates, four narrated on-demand training presentations, samples, examples and white papers.

“The Expert Product Management Bundle offers the expert knowledge readers need and the tools, training and techniques needed to ensure product success in the market,” said Brian Lawley, the author. “From product planning to running effective launches it gives in-depth information about best practices and mistakes to avoid.”
“Brian Lawley has done a great job pulling together tangible and practical tools and tips that product managers can immediately put to use to increase the success of their product launches.”
Noel Adams, President, PhaseForward and President NorCal PDMA (Product Development and Management Association).

“Brian is an expert in the field of product management and marketing,” said Mitchell Levy, CEO of Happy About. “The overwhelmingly positive response to this unique bundle says a lot about Brian’s effectiveness as an author and a marketer.”

The bundle is available as a paperback and also in ebook format. The paperback is priced at $ 349.00 and the ebook is $ 339.00. For a limited time the ebook is being made available for free. The book is available from Happy About at

About The 280 Group
The 280 Group LLC provides Product Marketing and Product Management Consultants, Contractors, Training and Templates to help companies define, launch and market breakthrough new products. The 280 Group was founded in 1998 by Brian Lawley, a veteran marketing professional in Silicon Valley with over 20 years of Product Management and Product Marketing experience including holding positions as Product Manager for the MacOS Human Interface at Apple, Director of Java tools at Symantec and Director of Product Marketing at Whistle Communications (acquired by IBM). For more information please visit

About Happy About?
Happy About? books deliver wisdom. Our books are smaller, compact, high-impact reads that are typically 80-150 pages and are delivered in paperback, eBook, or podbook format. Visit Happy About for more info. For quantity discounts, please contact the publisher, Mitchell Levy at – 408-257-3000.

eHire Supports Local Technology Community through the Atlanta Spring User Group

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) October 25, 2011

In todays economy, keeping ones skills sharp is more important than ever. Technology professionals are constantly being told to make sure they are staying as relevant as possible, especially in the Information Technology industry where tools and trends are changing rapidly. In the IT community, many professionals stay up to date with different technologies through local user groups. eHire sponsors and organizes one of those user groups, the Atlanta Spring User Group, focusing on the SpringSource suite of products.

A users’ group (also users group or user group) is a type of club focused on the use of a particular technology, usually (but not always) computer-related[They] meet regularly to discuss the use of computers, share knowledge and experience, hear from representatives of hardware manufacturers and software publishers, and hold other related activities. The idea for the Atlanta Spring User Group was born when eHire was helping one of their largest clients find top Java development talent with expert knowledge of the Spring Framework. While connecting with prospective Java developers, it became clear that there was a lack of Spring-related resources and community.

The Atlanta Spring User Group, commonly referred to as ASUG, has a simple mission statement: ASUG is the first user group created to support the growing Spring community in the Atlanta area. Kate Clark, the organizer and founder of ASUG explains, The idea for this group came about while I was trying to connect with the top talent in the local Spring community. I quickly realized there were no groups designed specifically to support Spring professionals. So, eHire encouraged and helped me to get ASUG off the ground.

The Atlanta Spring User Group has grown to almost 300 members since their first meeting in March 2010. Meetings have covered topics ranging from guides for beginners to advanced demonstrations given by the developers who created those SpringSource technologies themselves. eHire provides the meeting space, funding, pizza, and prizes that are given away at each meeting. At an average meeting, one can find up to 40 IT professionals networking and discussing technology before the presentation begins. Every presentation is an in-depth look at a product or solution from the SpringSource suite followed by Q&A and other open dialogue. Michael Campbell, a Software Architect who has been attending ASUG since the first meeting says, Organization is excellent (food, drink, door prizes!), as are the accommodations. The discussions and Q&A are on target, focused and germane; it’s nice to be in a room with so many smart people! Looking forward to more of these.

As eHire moves into its third year and ASUG approaches its second, there are exciting things planned for both. The Atlanta Spring User Groups meetings are held on the last Tuesday of every other month with the next meeting being held on Tuesday November 29th. Please join them at the eHire offices in Buckhead to learn more about Cloud Foundry and hear highlights from the SpringOne 2GX 2011 Conference.


MyEclipse Sees Green, Announces Near-Zero Carbon Footprint Initiative

Flower Mound, TX (PRWEB) August 6, 2008

Genuitec, LLC, the leading provider of the popular MyEclipse integrated development environment (IDE) and a founding member of the Eclipse Foundation, announced today their commitment to being a company with a near-zero carbon footprint.

“Genuitec has been an environmentally-conscious organization since its inception,” said Maher Masri, CEO for Genuitec. “We’re happy to publicly address our commitment to minimize our impact on the environment as well as provide our customers with a great product and dollar value. By doing so, we’re able to address the two pressing issues of the day: economic uncertainty and environmental responsibility.”

Genuitec demonstrates their commitment to environmental responsibility in many ways. First, as a virtual organization, Genuitec does not contribute to gas pollution by requiring employee commute times. It also eliminates the high energy costs of maintaining an office space. Second, all Genuitec company communications, conferences, meetings and Webinars are virtual, which makes the organization practically paperless and minimizes further environmental impact. Third, by providing downloaded products and not physical media, Genuitec is able to save plastic wastes and virtually eliminate mailing/delivery costs and materials. All of these efforts combined means Genuitec saves over 70 metric tons of CO2 per year from entering the atmosphere.

As a participant in many conferences across the world, Genuitec does create a carbon footprint through air and auto travel – two of the largest culprits in greenhouse gas emissions. To offset this factor, Genuitec has joined with the Foundation to become a “CarbonFree Business”, certifying Genuitec’s full carbon offset. By participating in carbon offsetting, Genuitec invests in clean, renewable energy and negates the environmental impact of corporate travel and other ancillary business emissions.

“Sustainability should concern companies of all different shapes and sizes, which need to make clear, auditable commitments to lowering their carbon footprint,” said James Governor, Principle Analyst at RedMonk. “Even software businesses have an impact, which is why it’s good to see Genuitec’s leadership here, with its ‘measure, then manage, then reduce’ strategy.”

Additionally, Genuitec is offering a special to anyone attending the MyEclipse training track at EclipseWorld. Genuitec will donate to the organization to offset any carbon footprints created as a result of traveling to the Washington D.C. area for the conference. Save some green by registering with the code “genuitec” and save $ 100 off your full-access passport and make the world a bit greener as well.

About MyEclipse:

Developers worldwide choose MyEclipse because it is the most affordable and comprehensive J2EE IDE and Web development tool suite for the Eclipse open-source platform. MyEclipse is the Eclipse plugin-based solution for all your UML, Ajax, Web, Web Services, J2EE, JSP, XML, Struts, JSF, Java Persistence, EJB, extended database support and application server integration needs. Online at

About Genuitec:

Genuitec, LLC, is a vendor-neutral, Eclipse-based company offering innovative Java and J2EE development tools. Genuitec offers training and expert consulting and development services for the Eclipse SDK and Rich Client Platforms. An original sponsor of Eclipse Plug-in Central, Genuitec joined the Eclipse Foundation early in 2003 and currently has an employee serving as an elected member of the board of directors, actively participating in the strategy development and direction of the organization. Genuitec LLC was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Flower Mound, Texas. Online at

About is leading the fight against global climate change, making it easy and affordable for any individual, business or organization to eliminate their climate impact and hastening the transformation to a clean energy future. Online at

About RedMonk:

RedMonk is the first analyst firm built on open source. Dedicated to providing high quality research at no cost, it believes that the dialog that follows is beneficial to the firm, its community and clients. Based in Denver, the company specializes in bridging open source, social media, and traditional enterprise IT. Its latest line of business is Greenmonk, dedicated to consulting on sustainability issues. Online at

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